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“The Deltic Group vision is to be seen as experts within the late night entertainment & bar sectors, acting as the anchor for night time economy in each town by delivering the highest levels of entertainment, standards and facilities. We aim to surpass expectations on each and every visit offering the best atmosphere in modern, exciting and safe surroundings and continue to be proactive, dynamic & professional as operators.”

Peter Marks

Peter Marks

Chief Executive Director

Peter began his nightclub career as a trainee manager for a private operator in Yorkshire and, by the age of 27, owned his own venue. He joined Whitegate Leisure (which later became Northern Leisure) in 1992, as a manager and worked his way up to a position on the main board. He subsequently held a number of senior roles within key sector companies including CEO of Brook Leisure Ltd, a substantial nightclub and bar operator in the north, CEO at Sports Café PLC and Deputy CEO at Georgica PLC.

With over 30 years’ experience in the sector, Peter was instrumental in rescuing Luminar Plc from administration in 2011 and rebuilding The Deltic Group, which is now Europe’s largest nightclub operator. Since its launch, The Deltic Group has delivered consistent growth and returns on investment and been recognised by the industry as the Publican Awards’ 2014 Best Late Night Operator and the ALMR’s Dusk Til Dawn Best Entertainment title holder. As part of its growth strategy, the company recently acquired Chicago Leisure and rebranded as The Deltic Group.

Contact: pmarks@delticgroup.co.uk

bob brannan

Bob Brannan


Bob Brannan is an experienced company Chairman and former Chief Executive and for the last 25 years has played a leading role in transforming the fortunes of various consumer goods and services companies. In addition to The Deltic Group, Bob is also currently Chairman of Vets Now (the UK’s leading out of hour’s veterinary business), Duncan & Todd (opticians) and Richard Irvin Group (engineering services). He is former group MD of Whyte & Mackay and of William Grant Distillers and was also Chairman of Ben Sherman.

Contact: bbrannan@delticgroup.co.uk

Steve Cloran

Steve Cloran

Non-Executive Director

A serial entrepreneur, Steve has 28 years’ experience growing businesses on a global scale, with particular expertise in the Aviation sector. His specialities include design, manufacture and repair and overhaul, working with clients including Airbus, Boeing, Emirates and Virgin.  However, Steve is no stranger to the leisure sector and has been involved in the hotel industry as well as the relocation sector and property development. His many years of working with big brands on a worldwide platform mean he has an in-depth understanding of the power of delivering great customer service and experience.

Contact: scloran@delticgroup.co.uk

Paul Evans

Paul Evans

Non-Executive Director

Paul’s first jobs were with Greenwell stockbrokers in the City, and as a trainee manager at Lloyds Bank. He began his entrepreneurial career in his early twenties, when he and a school friend purchased a van and started a removal firm. Over the next thirty years, the company – Trans Euro, now known as Team – became the largest international relocation firm in the country. After selling Trans Euro to Deutsche Bank at the beginning of the last decade, Paul purchased Rentacrate; The Storage Depot; a group of six hotels; and invested in numerous property developments. He re-entered the relocation industry in late 2005 with the purchase of Interdean from a consortium of banks led by JP Morgan. Rescued from near-bankruptcy and transformed into a highly profitable organisation, Interdean (now known as Santa Fe Relocation) is now the leader in the international relocation sector. After selling Interdean to Danish public company EAC in 2011, Paul – along with two other major investors – purchased the publicly listed Luminar Group from administrators Ernst & Young in December of that year with Paul retaining a controlling interest. Paul has also re-entered the relocation and removals sector, with the purchase of Momentous Relocation in March 2014.

Contact: pevans@delticgroup.co.uk


Alan Fall

Non-Executive Director

Alan led the management buyout of Healthcare Logistics in 1997 and grew it to become the preferred pre-wholesaler of choice to the pharmaceutical, healthcare and animal health industry distributing around 40% by volume of products. After selling to a pan European Group Movianto in 2005, he has built a property portfolio developing student accommodation, office rental and flat developments.

Contact: afall@delticgroup.co.uk


Jason Thorndycraft

Director of Operations

Jason Thorndycraft was appointed The Deltic Group’s operations director on Monday 6th October 2014, bringing with him a wealth of experience within the sector, having started his career in venue management, before working his way through the ranks to become chief operations officer for Novus. He was a key member of the team that built Novus into one of the strongest companies of our type in the last five years.

Contact: jthorndycraft@delticgroup.co.uk


Tim Howard

Head of Marketing & Central Operations

Tim’s nightclub career began with Mecca Leisure in 1984 where he held a number of management positions before the company was acquired by Rank in 1990. During his time at Rank, Tim launched Leisure World in Hemel Hempstead, a large high street entertainment business, and introduced new bar concept Jumpin Jaks, which grew to 28 venues.  In 2000 Tim joined Luminar PLC and held various management positions including Head of Entertainment & Campaigns prior to joining The Deltic Group team.

Contact: thoward@delticgroup.co.uk


Tony Gorbert

Regional Director - The Midlands

Tony joined Luminar PLC in 1995 as General Manager of Hull’s former Waterfront Hotel and Nightclub, which was owned at the time by Northern Leisure. He progressed and took on various management positions before being appointed Northern Regional Director in 2009. He now holds the role of the Midlands Regional Director as part of The Deltic Group.

Contact: tgorbert@delticgroup.co.uk


Martin Winter

Regional Director - East

Spells with Young’s Brewery, Mecca Leisure and Midsummer Leisure led to him joining Luminar PLC as a General Manager in 1991. He held several management positions before being appointed Head of Central Operations in 2010. The Deltic Group didn’t hesitate to capitalise on Martin’s expertise and knowledge by promoting him to Regional Director for the East & Scotland in 2012, and today Martin is Regional Director for the East.

Martin has clocked up numerous awards and qualifications over the years namely General Manager of the Year, two BEDA awards for Regional Nightclub of the Year and also graduated from Nottingham Trent University with a first class honours degree in Leadership and Management.

Contact: mwinter@delticgroup.co.uk


Ged Gorrie

Regional Director - South

Ged has been in the leisure industry for almost 30 years and has worked for five companies – Mecca, Rank, Northern Leisure, Luminar PLC and the new Luminar Group – without leaving any of them (due to many takeovers) Luminar’s Operations Director of the Year 2013, Ged has worked in nightclubs across the UK from Newcastle in the north east to Dunstable in the south east and secured his first General Manager position at the Millionaire Club in Manchester at the tender age of 24.  Having held several management positions, it was Ged’s in-depth knowledge of the South East that saw him promoted to Regional Director back in 2012. Ged is now Regional Director for the South.

Contact: ggorrie@delticgroup.co.uk


Russell Quelch

Regional Director- South West

Russell was appointed Regional Director for The Deltic Group in March 2015 having spent the previous 3 years changing the fortunes of Oceana Southampton from loss-making to one of the groups highest profit returning sites. In 2014 Russell was named The Luminar Group’s General Manager of the Year. Having held various roles within the group Russell has also worked for Inventive Leisure and Starwood Hotel’s.

Contact: rquelch@delticgroup.co.uk


Brett Collier

Regional Director- North & Scotland

Brett has been working in the leisure industry his entire career. He started as a cocktail bartender while studying and quickly moved through the ranks with Devere Hotels as a Food and Beverage Manager. Brett then travelled the country with Scottish & Newcastle firstly as a General Manager and then as an Area Manger. After 10 years he then moved onto Novus Leisure where he became Operations Manager for the Tiger Tiger brand. Brett joined The Deltic Group as Regional Director for the North & Scotland in March 2015.
Brett lives in Manchester is a single figure golfer and a session ticket holder at Manchester United.

Contact: bcollier@delticgroup.co.uk


Matthew Clark have worked with The Deltic Group for over 17 years building a strong relationship and partnership that has grown and evolved with the changing markets and challenging climates.

Find out more about the evolution of the Matthew Clark and Deltic Group relationship.

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Countrywide Waste Solutions

Countrywide Waste Solutions Ltd have worked closely with The Deltic Group over the past 12 years to reduce waste and increase recycling across the Deltic estate. This long standing relationship is based on a mutual trust achieved by clear results.

Find out how The Deltic Group worked with Countrywide Waste Solutions Ltd to reduce waste and increase recycling across the whole Deltic estate.

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Red Bull and the Deltic Group worked together to focus on a key trend of 2014, premiumisation. This collaborative approach was a great success and resulted in increased sales and a valuable and ongoing relationship with Red Bull.

Find out how Red Bull achieved great brand exposure through their association with the Deltic Group.

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The Deltic Group and Diageo partnered together to create the Smirnoff Big Night Out experience and Diageo continue to play a key part in the future of The Deltic Group.

Find out how Diageo and the Smirnoff brand benefit from the relationship and exposure associated with The Deltic Group.

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ECHO is the charity of The Deltic Group dedicated to helping sick children and young adults.

ECHO, which stands for, Entertainment Organised for Children’s Health, gives people like you the chance to make an immediate and dramatic difference to the lives of thousands of children across the country.

Making waves across the medical profession, the Echo Trust ensures the availability of cash for children’s charities which has never before been possible.

ECHO is unique in that it delivers money where it is most wanted. ECHO provides grants to childrens’ charities across the UK to provide essential medical equipment or similar.

Its credibility as an official registered charity by the Charity Commission for England and Wales (number 1096255) has given it the support it needs to maintain longevity.

Since its charity registration some 10 years ago the Echo Trust has raised and donated in excess of £2 million. Donations are raised from specially organised fundraising events, under the ‘Give a Kid a Quid’ banner, at nightclubs owned and operated by The Deltic Group Limited, who have outlets across the UK.

Over the years the Echo Trust has enjoyed the support of many celebrities who have all leant their names to the ‘Give a Kid a Quid’ fundraising campaign.  The Echo Trust would like to thank, DJ Charlie Sloth, Jamie Oliver, Ant and Dec, Sara Cox, Gordon Ramsay, Nell McAndrew, Daniel Bedingfield, Ricky Whittle and Kyran Bracken, who have all supported different fundraising drives.

With your support we can ensure ECHO thrives and brings hope into the lives of children across the country.

View Echo Trust website here

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Deltic Group Ltd Corporate Responsibility Report

Responsible Retailing

Duty of Care

Community and Charity


Ethical Supply Chains

Environment and Energy Management


Responsible Approach to Drinks Retailing

As the UK’s largest late night entertainment operator, we pride ourselves on our responsible approach to drinks retailing and the welfare of our customers.

The Deltic Group has been at the forefront of implementing unique initiatives in the entertainment industry to promote the responsible consumption of alcohol and improve customer safety.

Responsible retailing is at the heart of everything The Deltic Group does and we work closely with our suppliers and management teams to ensure that drinks are promoted responsibly.

We work closely with all of our suppliers to ensure that we offer our customers the broadest possible product range marketed in a responsible way.  Our approach to drinks retailing is not price focused: it is based around providing a range of drinks to be enjoyed in a safe environment.  We stock a wide range of soft drinks together with a comprehensive range of alcoholic beverages from mainstream drinks to premium brands for our VIP booths.

Responsible retailing at every step of our customer journey

Customer experience is at the heart of our business strategy. We have safeguards in place through technology and our people to ensure that our customers have a safe and enjoyable experience with us. We recognise that alcohol misuse and excessive drinking are important issues, not just for our industry as they threaten to compromise the well-being of our customers, but also for society at large.

We pride ourselves in ensuring our customers have a safe and enjoyable experience with us. Whilst our online booking system enables booking of booths and drinks packages, our policy is to ensure that these advance sales are controlled and purchasing is responsible.

We have a zero tolerance to drugs policy: we actively confiscate drugs and hold in a drugs safe which we then share with the Police. We would always ban any offender from all of our clubs.

Our in Club experience is monitored by a team of hostesses and staff all of whom are trained in identifying safe and responsible alcohol intake. Our hostesses monitor and manage our booths. We have a medical room in some of our larger venues and some of those have medics onsite. Our teams are constantly checking and watching to ensure everyone has a safe time.

Duty of Care

As part of our investment programme, we have reshaped our approach to customer care. Dispelling the traditional myths associated with ‘bouncers,’ we have revolutionised our entry process, with the appointment of new female Customer Care Ambassadors. Dressed in red, Ambassadors are available on key trading nights and are the first to meet and greet clubbers as they queue to enter our club/bar.  They are there to help with any query, question or issue customers may have. They have been instrumental in diffusing tension on the door and making clubs and bars more appealing to women.

We have launched a number of initiatives aimed at improving customer safety. One of our clubs developed and launched its Female First safety campaign with the support of the local university.  This well promoted campaign includes the addition of mobile phone chargers, taxi numbers for lone females and has been extremely well received.

We work closely with our teams to ensure that they are fully trained on all of our policies and procedures. All of our employees received detailed training on our responsible retailing policies and procedures. This extends to our suppliers who also have to adhere to our strict standards before they start work.  When a new starter joins the business they have to complete our induction process, one module of which is the Licensing Act 2003 and all the responsibilities associated with it. The module has been endorsed by SQA (Scottish Qualifications Authority), the IOH (Institute of Hospitality) and Hospitality Guild.

Community and Charity

Giving something back to our local communities is also a core part of our approach to responsible retailing.

The Deltic Group partners with the Echo Trust which is dedicated to helping sick children and young adults in the UK.  Our Senior Directors are also the trustees of the charity. Echo became a registered charity with the Charity Commission in 2002 – over 13 years ago (registered charity number 1096255).  Since that time, Echo has raised and donated in excess of £2 million to children and young adult charities throughout the UK.

Echo’s aim is to help as many sick children and young adults in the UK as possible by providing grants which will enable the purchase of vital medical or similar equipment which they so desperately need and can’t be funded elsewhere.

All grants are made possible by the support of The Deltic Group Limited. Deltic allows the Echo Trust to hold collections during the year in its outlets across the UK, therefore meaning that all grants are given from donations raised through the generosity of staff and customers visiting Deltic outlets.  Fundraising campaigns are held under the ‘Give a Kid a Quid’ banner on key weekends in the year such as Bank Holidays, Easter and Christmas.

Over the years the Echo Trust has enjoyed the support of many celebrities who have all put their names to the ‘Give a Kid a Quid’ fundraising campaign.  This includes DJ Charlie Sloth, Jamie Oliver, Ant and Dec, Sara Cox, Gordon Ramsay, Nell McAndrew, Daniel Bedingfield, Ricky Whittle and Kyran Bracken, who have all supported different fundraising drives.

In 2015 the Echo Trust released a round of grants to 27 charities with a total of £125,000 being donated.  These donations enabled charities to purchase equipment for disabled children and young adults and medical equipment for babies.

Clubs also work closely with the community hosting special events including “Lift Off”, a pioneering new night to make clubbing more accessible for adults with disabilities and learning difficulties, including full table service for customers who can’t access the bar, along with a range of non-alcoholic mocktails.

We have more clubs/bars than any other late night entertainment operator participating in Pub Watch or Purple Flag schemes with success in regional Best Bar None Awards up and down the country, including four clubs picking up Overall Winner Awards.

We work closely with the Street Pastors scheme across the country. In addition, we have already piloted the Drinkaware Club Hosts initiative to combat anti-social behaviour in the late night entertainment sector.  Following on from the success of that project, we are rolling out a further Drinkaware scheme in the South East working with the University of Exeter.

We have been at the forefront of implementing initiatives to promote the responsible consumption of alcohol and improve customer safety. Our club, The Institute in Aberdeen, has won the SLTN Responsible Retailer of the Year Award.

All of our clubs/bars work with local crime prevention, police and local authorities to ensure that we deliver the highest standards possible, promoting alcohol responsibly and encouraging positive behaviour so that we make our club and bars great places to enjoy a safe night out.

Our venue JJ’s in Coventry launched its pioneering “We Care” safety campaign that gives clubbers the tools they need to stay safe on a night out. Praised by local Police and Pub Watch, “We Care” includes the provision of free phone charging stations in cloakrooms, a taxi escort service for vulnerable individuals, anti-drink spiking plugs and free handbag cloakroom service. Training on supporting vulnerable customers has been key together with highly visible POS within the venue, reminding customers to stay safe. The scheme has been so successful that it has been rolled out to other venues within the estate.

The Deltic Group is determined to restore the reputation of clubs and bars in the UK and fly the flag for a new style of responsible retailing.


The Deltic Group believe that with every aspect of our business employees are our most valuable asset.  We work hard to ensure that our employees are trained in customer welfare and with the customer experience in mind which is fundamental to our business strategy.

We have developed an online training portal which provides each employee access to health and safety, licensing, drug and alcohol abuse and responsible retailing training. This is to ensure that our employees are sufficiently skilled to recognise possible issues within the unit before an issue arises. For example, our Real Time system ensures that our units are “spot checked” regularly throughout a trading session and any incident or potential incident cleared there and then.

We ensure there are engaging communication channels are available to all our employees to keep our employees updated. This is part of our commitment to our employees and to encourage personal career development.

Ethical Supply Chains

We only work with ethical suppliers who are committed to the same principles as us.

We are committed to ensuring that there is no modern slavery or human trafficking in any part of our business. We will only work with suppliers who are equally taking active steps to combat modern slavery in their own supply chains. Our Anti-slavery Policy reflects our commitment to acting ethically and with integrity in all our business relationships.

Environment and Energy Management

We are committed to reducing our energy consumption and our carbon emissions; we firmly believe that in reducing our green footprint, we are making our contribution towards improving energy security and curbing climate change.

The Deltic Group has historically been a heavy consumer of electricity, using 22 million kWh annually. We committed a year ago to establishing a more ethical and efficient working environment, starting with our simple “turn stuff off” campaign.

All of our clubs/bars have a nominated energy manager, receiving regular specialist training and education on energy usage. As a direct result of this campaign, we have reduced our power consumption by 22%.

That’s a reduction in our carbon emissions of 1811 tonnes of Co2 gases.

We are proud to say that we have increased our recycling to 80% of all our waste.  In real terms, this means we have diverted 24 tonnes a week from landfill to recycling.

In addition to educating our staff on energy conservation, we are adopting new, more efficient technologies.

An example of this is the installation of motion sensors across all our washrooms, effectively mean we are only using water when our businesses are trading. The impact is 50% reduction in our water usage: the equivalent of 33 Olympic sized swimming pools.

This is a further annual reduction of 22 tonnes of carbon emissions.



Atik caters for all tastes with distinct dance rooms featuring different styles of music. For retro fans, Vinyl features an illuminated dance floor playing pop classics, the main dance room Atik, offers the very best in light and sound technology and Curve, has an R&B vibe. A new tiki inspired bar Lualalai, serves a wide range of specialist cocktails and treasure chest sharers as well as hosting cocktail making parties. Table service and VIP booths make Atik the perfect venue for a great night out.

Bar&Beyond-logo-(2)PNG White

Bar & Beyond is the first of a new concept for the UK late-night bar market. Bar and Beyond offers a split level experience with delicious food served at the bar from 5pm and then after dark; ‘beyond’ is a high quality club experience with state of the art sound system and some of the best DJs around.

With a unique and modern interior Bar & Beyond has been designed so customers can have a great time from the moment they walk through the doors, whether its relaxing with a bite to eat or partying the night away. This venue provides exactly what today’s discerning customer demands, choice.


PRYZM offers an amazing combination of opulence, atmosphere and excitement with world class entertainment and premium service to provide the ultimate modern day clubbing experience.

This exclusive new club concept combines multiple rooms all with latest in Sound and Lighting technology, along with the ultimate in luxury VIP suites and bespoke bar experiences.

fiction nightclub

Fiction brings a touch of the surreal to your night offering out of this world entertainment with nights hosted by some of the UK’s finest DJs and world famous guests.

A truly immersive clubbing experience with modern design and top quality lighting and sound technology, Fiction allows you to leave reality at home and escape into the unexpected!

cameo nightclub

Cameo is the new breed of club that has it all. With music to suit every taste in multiple rooms featuring exquisite décor, state of the art sound and lighting systems, glamorous VIP booths and exclusive table service, to leave a lasting impression.

Ranging from large capacity arenas holding over 1000 clubbers, to intimate spaces and atmospheric bars, Cameo simply does have it all.


Escape to the multi-award winning Oceana and let us take you on a journey ‘around the world’.

Start your journey with a drink at First Port or a great meal in the Sydney Harbourside restaurant. Then make your way to the futuristic Tokyo Wakyama bar, or relax in the Aspen Ski Lodge. Dance your heart out in the Venetian Grand Ballroom, the New York Disco or why not experience the cool and bright interior of the Icehouse Reykjavik. Who knows where you’ll end up – the seductive Parisian Boudoir? First class private suites and boardroom facilities are also available for corporate clients.


Taking cool London clubbing to the rest of the country with thirty venues nationwide, Liquid guarantees an amazing atmosphere with music at the forefront of every night.

The UK’s leading nightclub brand combines state-of-the-art lighting, sound and laser technology with stunning 360-degree graphics and visuals to enhance the clubbing experience. Liquid’s contemporary and award-winning design coupled with the country’s top DJs and PAs help to attract clubbers back time and time again.


Providing one of a kind nights out and exclusive live events, Kuda offers quirky design and individual style that sets them apart from other venues. Hosting the incredible Big Night Out event, and a fantastic range of drinks and cocktails Kuda ensure an outstanding night out for sussed clienteles and students alike.


Chicago’s venues benefit from a long standing reputation as the place to go for the ultimate party experience. Offering a wide variety of entertainment and music from House and RnB to cheesy club classics that keep the dance floor full, there is something for everyone at Chicago’s.

Whether your celebrating a birthday or a Friday, you’re guaranteed a fantastic night out in a celebratory atmosphere.

Our unique establishments offer huge variety in style and entertainment designed specifically to cater for each of their niche markets.

Ranging from an 18th Century manor house offering luxury and opulence, to the ultimate live music venues and large capacity arenas holding the Big Night Out events, each provides something unforgettable for even the most discerning of clubbers.

Press & Media

For any press or media enquiries please contact: twist@limegreencommunications.com

Deltic Night Index report shows many still steering clear of Dry January

The latest Deltic Night Index report reveals that although it seems like everyone is doing it, well over two thirds of people didn’t partake in Dry January in 2017. Headline findings As in the last quarter, pubs proved the most popular late night activity. This was followed by the cinema, which has risen in popularity […]

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Love Island Hunk Makes a Date at PRYZM

Reality TV favourite Alex Bowen of ‘Love Island’ fame has a date in Plymouth. The gym-honed hunk from the ITV2 show will meet fans in a guest appearance at the city’s top club PRYZM on Friday 27 January. The re-scheduled appearance is expected to draw many of his admirers to the Barbican Leisure Park venue. […]

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It’s Goodnight Chicago’s and Hello Bar & Beyond

The Deltic Group, the UK’s largest operator of late night bars and clubs, has announced plans to invest £400,000 to transform Chicago’s King’s Lynn into a stylish new venue that is due to open early Spring 2017. The news follows a recent announcement that Deltic is also investing more than £500,000 in Norwich, which will […]

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Basildon Nightclub Supports the Gift of Giving This Christmas

A nightclub in Basildon is spreading a different kind of Christmas cheer this year with 12 acts of kindness. The Deltic Group’s Unit 7 club in Festival Leisure Park, which opened last year, has created a ‘Community Squad’ to carry out 12 good deeds and thoughtful acts to support local charities and the wider community […]

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New report shows that Brits still love a night out

26th October 2016 – New research on the late night economy, from The Deltic Group, shows that going out is still very much on the agenda. The UK’s largest operator of premium late night bars and clubs with 59 venues, announces the launch of The Deltic Night Index Report, a comprehensive study into the UK’s […]

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Kuda Club Staff Spinning Around For Children’s Charity

Fundraising staff at a Cambridge club are limbering up to show their moves on an exercise bike rather than the dance floor to support a children’s charity. Kuda manager Simon Wilson and his colleagues will take part in a five-hour spinathon at the Sidney Street venue on Saturday 27 August, going head to head with […]

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New £300,000 Cocktail Bar Set To Shakes Things Up In Cardiff

A new cocktail bar is coming to Cardiff later this month following a £300,000 investment. Jongleurs Comedy Club on Park Place will re-open as Steinbeck & Shaw on Friday 22nd July, creating a stylish bar, featuring an extensive cocktail menu, with a stripped back, raw and contemporary feel.  Meanwhile, Jongleurs comedy nights will move to […]

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Unit 1 Welcomes TV Favourites For Nights Out

Reality TV stars Scotty T and Gaz Beadle from Geordie Shore and hunks Terry Walsh, Tom Powell and Alex Bowen of Love Island, are set to join fans for a number of special nights out at Exeter’s premier club Unit 1. Scotty T will meet fans at the Summerfield Road venue on Saturday 30 July, […]

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Oceana Welcomes TV Favourites For Nights Out

Reality TV stars Gaz from Geordie Shore and Tom Powell of Love Island, plus DJ Marvin Humes, are set to dive in for special nights out at Plymouth’s premier club Oceana. Gary ‘Gaz’ Beadle will meet fans at the Barbican Leisure Park venue on Saturday 30 July, coinciding with the Ladies Night appearance by male […]

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PRYZM Birmingham Rocks with 20,000 Visitor

Birmingham’s newest and biggest club is proving a big hit as PRYZM welcomed its 20,000 visitor this weekend, just two weeks after launch. The Broad Street venue has enjoyed capacity crowds since it opened on Friday 17 June following a £1.4million investment by award winning operator the Deltic Group. And University of Birmingham student Gabriella […]

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Steinbeck & Shaw Gets The Party Started

Bristol’s newest late night bar opened its doors over the weekend with over 1,000 guests celebrating the launch. Steinbeck & Shaw in Bristol’s Harbourside opened on Friday 24th June, following a £200,000 investment by award winning bars and club operator, Deltic Group, and has created 30 new jobs for the city. The stylish bar has […]

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Annual Results for Year Ended 27 February 2016

Record revenue, profit and EBITDA confirm Deltic’s position as late night bars and clubs industry leader. 16th May 2016 – The Deltic Group, the UK’s largest operator of premium late night bars and clubs with 58 venues, is pleased to announce its fourth year of consecutive growth for the year ended 27 February 2016. Deltic […]

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PRYZM Brings £1.4m Experience and 120 Jobs to Birmingham

The company behind Birmingham’s biggest club has announced its opening date and a 120 jobs boost for the city. Following a £1.4 million investment by award winning Deltic Group – named Responsible Retailer of the Year and Best Late Night Operator at the coveted Publican Awards this Spring – PRYZM on Broad Street will open […]

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New £800,000 PRYZM Club and 50 Jobs Come to Nottingham

A new £800,000 club is coming to Nottingham this summer, creating 50 jobs and bringing its unique brand of world class entertainment to the city. PRYZM will open in Lower Parliament Street on Friday 1 July following the investment by Deltic Group, recently named Responsible Retailer of the Year and Best Late Night Operator in […]

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Liquid Hosts Knockout Event for Cancer Research

More than 40 amateur boxers stepped into the ring to raise a knockout sum of almost £20,000 for charity at a Colchester club. The contenders tested their skills in the Ultra White Collar Boxing event in aid of Cancer Research UK at Liquid in High Street on Sunday 20 March. It was the third such […]

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Cameo Role for New Monthly Soul Night

Preston club Cameo & Vinyl launches a new monthly soul night on Friday 8 April where music and dance fans can celebrate in style. Promoters Chris King and Chris Burton bring the distinctive sounds of 60s and 70s club soul Motown and Northern Soul to the Market Place venue. General manager Leigh Sweetman said: “The […]

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Romford Club Steps in to Help Local Charity

A Romford club has supported an Essex charity with a £4,999 grant to buy equipment to help pre-school children with special needs and/or disabilities. Fiction’s donation to First Step will fund items for its playrooms, including a hand held projector, television, high quality sound system, a blackout den, an iPod Touchand specialist software. The money […]

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Reality TV Stars in the Mix at Oceana Plymouth

Reality TV stars Lauren Pope and Aaron Chalmers are set to make waves at Plymouth’s premier club Oceana in a special Bank Holiday double bill. Lauren, an original cast member of TOWIE, will show her skills as a DJ with a live set and Geordie Shore hunk Aaron Chalmers will meet and greet fans, pose […]

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Deltic Wins 3 Awards at The Publican Awards 2016

  The Deltic Group led by Chief Executive Peter Marks, picked up three awards at the Publican Awards last night (March 15). Winning ‘Best Late Night Operator’, ‘Best Pub Operations Team’ and ‘Responsible Retailer of the Year’ at the awards that took place in Battersea Evolution in London. Editor of the Publican’s Morning Advertiser, Ed […]

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The UK’s largest bars and club operator, The Deltic Group has confirmed plans to invest £1.4milion in launching a new PRYZM club in Birmingham city centre. The former Gatecrasher site on Broad Street will be refurbished to develop a new multi-room venue, creating over 50 new jobs. Commenting on the announcement, which will be Deltic’s […]

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Cambridge nightclubs Kuda and Ballare launched a safety initiative, ‘We Care’, designed to coincide with the return of students to the city. The initiative, believed to be the first of its kind in the region, has been launched to help clubbers keep safe on a night out in the city. The venues, on Sidney Street […]

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Two Cambridge nightclubs will help youngsters at a children’s hospice find the right moves thanks to a £5,000 donation. A grant given on behalf of the two Deltic Group venues Ballare and Kuda, will fund a new tracking system for the sensory room at the East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices’ (EACH) Milton hospice. This specialist tracking and […]

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  Following three years of consecutive growth, the UK’s largest clubs and bar operator, The Deltic Group has announced a sales increase of 15.5% in the 26 weeks to 29 August, with like for like sales up 7.5%. Peter Marks, chief executive of The Deltic Group comments: “There’s been plenty of speculation about the health […]

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The Luminar Group Rebrands After Three Years of Consecutive Growth

After posting figures for the last financial year showing an 18% increase in profits and three years of consecutive growth, the Luminar Group has decided now is the perfect time for rebranding.

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Smirnoff Big Night Out events are attended by over 440,000 visitors per year

Our dancefloors are filled with over 154,000 dancing feet every Saturday night

Our venues have a social media fan base of over 1.2 million people and growing

Over 6.9 million people walk through our doors every year

98,000 users of the UKCN branded mobile app for Android & IOS devices

777 performances from the biggest DJ’s, Artists & PA’s in the industry over the past 12 months


“Having joined the company whilst attending university, it has moulded me into the person I am today.”

“The creativity the company encourages and constantly striving to entertain and be better, means there are always new things to try and new goals to reach”


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