Corporate Responsibility

Responsible Retailing

As the Publican Awards ‘Responsible Retailer of the Year’ 2016 we pride ourselves on a responsible approach to drinks retailing and the welfare of our customers. As part of this, we have introduced a limit to the amount of alcohol that can be purchased online as an advanced sale, as well as continuing to monitor this at the point of service, with our team of hostesses and staff who have been trained in identifying safe and responsible alcohol intake.

Our websites tell stories of service and atmosphere, rather than a drink-dependent business, and our social media only promotes quality serves and responsibility.

Duty of Care

We have launched a number of initiatives of campaigns aimed at improving customer welfare. The introduction of female security teams was one such initiative and now forms part of the DNA of our customer service experience. Our ‘We Care’ strategy includes offering free phone charging, free handbag services and escorting customers to taxis – even paying for these where necessary. All staff receive detailed training during their induction which highlights our responsibility to customer welfare, and we work closely with the Street Pastors to ensure the wellbeing of our customers, even after they have left our venues.


We are active members of the Pubwatch scheme – having more venues than any other late night entertainment operator participating in Pubwatch or Purple Flag schemes – and have formally signed up to Drinkaware. Our venues work closely with their local communities, hosting special events, as well as with local authorities and police to ensure that we deliver the highest standards possible, promoting alcohol responsibly and encouraging positive behaviour.

Drinkaware is an independent charity working to reduce alcohol misuse and harm in the UK.

We work in conjunction with Drinkaware to help keep our customers informed and ensure they make better choices about drinking.

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The Deltic Group is determined to restore the reputation of clubs and bars in the UK and fly the flag for a new style of responsible retailing.


The Deltic Group partners with the ECHO Trust, which is dedicated to helping sick children and young adults in the UK. Donations are raised from specially organised fundraising events, under the ‘Give a Kid a Quid’ banner at our venues. Since its charity registration in 2003, the ECHO Trust has raised and donated in excess of £2 million, which has been awarded by our venues to their local charities.

Ethical Supply Chains

We only work with ethical suppliers who are committed to the same principles as us and we are committed to ensuring modern slavery and human trafficking play no part in our business.

Environment and Energy Management

We are committed to reducing our energy consumption and carbon emissions; we firmly believe that in reducing our green footprint, we are making our contribution towards improving energy security and curbing climate change.

The Deltic Group has historically been a heavy consumer of electricity, using 22 million kWh annually. We committed a year ago to establishing a more ethical and efficient working environment, starting with our simple “turn stuff off” campaign. All of our clubs/bars have a nominated energy manager, receiving regular specialist training and education in energy usage. As a direct result of this campaign, we have reduced our power consumption by 22%, which is a reduction in our carbon emissions of 1811 tonnes of Co2 gases.

We are proud to say that we have increased our recycling to 80% of all our waste. In real terms, this means we have diverted 24 tonnes a week from landfill to recycling.

In addition to educating our staff on energy conservation, we are adopting new, more efficient technologies. An example of this is the installation of motion sensors across all our washrooms, effectively mean we are only using water when our businesses are trading. The impact is 50% reduction in our water usage: the equivalent of 33 Olympic sized swimming pools.

This is a further annual reduction of 22 tonnes of carbon emissions.

ECHO is the charity of The Deltic Group dedicated to helping sick children and young adults.

ECHO, which stands for, Entertainment Organised for Children’s Health, gives people like you the chance to make an immediate and dramatic difference to the lives of thousands of children across the country.

Making waves across the medical profession, the Echo Trust ensures the availability of cash for children’s charities which has never before been possible.

ECHO is unique in that it delivers money where it is most wanted. ECHO provides grants to childrens’ charities across the UK to provide essential medical equipment or similar.

Its credibility as an official registered charity by the Charity Commission for England and Wales (number 1096255) has given it the support it needs to maintain longevity.

Since its charity registration in 2003, the Echo Trust has raised and donated in excess of £2 million. Donations are raised from specially organised fundraising events, under the ‘Give a Kid a Quid’ banner, at nightclubs owned and operated by The Deltic Group Limited, who have outlets across the UK.

Over the years the Echo Trust has enjoyed the support of many celebrities who have all leant their names to the ‘Give a Kid a Quid’ fundraising campaign.  The Echo Trust would like to thank, DJ Charlie Sloth, Jamie Oliver, Ant and Dec, Sara Cox, Gordon Ramsay, Nell McAndrew, Daniel Bedingfield, Ricky Whittle and Kyran Bracken, who have all supported different fundraising drives.

With your support we can ensure ECHO thrives and brings hope into the lives of children across the country.