Covid 19 Business Update

On March 20th Deltic closed its nightclub doors due to Covid-19.  We had no problem with this of course, it was the right thing to do and we, along with others in hospitality, would have to wait a while for a green light to open.  On 15th June in England, where the majority of our businesses are, non-essential shops were allowed to open their doors.  Then pubs bars and restaurants could reopen on 4th July. In August most others such as bowling, gyms, barbers, beauticians and soft play could open. At this time we were expecting news for our own reopening date perhaps towards the end of August. But we heard nothing.

Throughout the spring and summer we continued to invest in our people, improve systems, marketing and prepare for a Covid secure way back approved by scientists.  But nothing. Still.  The rest of hospitality has been able to open in some way, to get by, to give a much needed boost of socialising back to society, and give their employees hope things will return to normal one day and not worry about their futures.

If we are not allowed to open yet, we need financial support from government to survive.  No other industry has received as little support, is closed by law and still has no opening date.  Even if you don’t like clubbing or your clubbing days are over we hope you see this as unfair as we do.

Our customers want to come back.  We ARE a viable business, if we could open.  We had a great business, we will do again, but we need to get through this and ask government support us in the way they have others.

Peter Marks